TEA-FOR-TWO Insulated Bottle/Infuser 450ml | steel/bamboo


insulated steel and bamboo bottle 450ml with integrated tea infuser eKodoKi TEA-FOR-TWO


Sturdy thermos tea bottle made of eco-friendly materials, and easy to fit in bag. Prepare fresh leaf tea in its detachable infuser and share a warm cup of tea later with colleagues or friends – while expressing your concern against disposable beverage containers ending up in the landfill.

This tough, yet surprisingly light, travel bottle has an insulated body made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, a 100% recyclable material. Next to its thermal properties, the insulation prevents condensation on the exterior – made of natural bamboo – and you can rest assured that your bag stays dry. Its uncoated polished interior is resistant to bacteria, rust and oxidation.

To prepare your favourite drink, you may use either the strainer only, or in combination with the infuser basket. Remove the drainer/infuser set, and poor instead some hot soup for later in the day.

Of course, this bottle is as much as ease with cold drinks than warm drinks; what about some fresh homemade lemonade, fruit juice, or simply tap water?

 Drink conscious in style.                                     


Key features:                                                       

  • food-grade, BPA-free
  • leakproof
  • condensation free
  • double wall, recyclable, brushed, 18/8 stainless steel
  • extra outer material: bamboo, a natural and renewable material; laser engraved logo
  • removable drainer/infuser 2-piece set, made of fine perforated 18/8 stainless steel, a recyclable material
  • cap material: recyclable brushed stainless steel
  • cap top: bamboo, a natural and renewable material


  • volume: 450 ml
  • height: 245 mm
  • diameter: 70 mm
  • wide mouth (inner diameter = 58 mm)
  • weight: 415 g
  • infuser: total height = 72 mm / top diameter = 52 mm
  • infuser cup: volume = 80 ml

Use and cleaning:

  • bottle: handwash (no dishwasher; do not soak)
  • cap: handwash (no dishwasher; do not soak)

TEA-FOR-TWO Insulated Bottle/Infuser 450ml | steel/bamboo

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